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Non-Formal Education

​Guria is  currently supporting nearly 300 children through four non-formal education (NFE) centres which are located in red light and high risk areas. The centres support children who are vulnerable to trafficking, enabling them to join mainstream school and access education. They also provide a range of creative and play activities, giving children from very difficult backgrounds, a safe place to play and learn.  The largest centre is in the red light district of Varanasi, and there is a "boat school" NFE centre on the river Ganges.

Raising Awareness

Guria  works closely with local communities and authorities to raise awareness about human trafficking in areas where children are trafficked known as ‘source’ and ‘transit’ areas with a focus on the Indo-Nepal border and impoverished rural districts.  Guria runs events and campaigns uniting vulnerable women and demanding their basic rights. They also sensitise the authorities on human trafficking, including the border force and police.

Rescue & Rehabilitation

​Guria, along with support from local volunteers, carries out raids on brothels which contain child prostitutes. These operations are dangerous and take months of planning. Typical challenges faced are that brothel keepers and pimps will often work wih corrupt police and officials to disrupt raids or hide children. Once rescued Guria provides ongoing and long term support throughout the difficult process of re-integration and rehabilitation of child prostitutes.

Legal support

​Guria is one of very few charities in Uttar Pradesh to pursue legal cases against the perpetrators of human trafficking. This is extremely difficult but also essential in a state with endemic corruption throughout the police force and legal system where most traffickers currently operate with inpunity.  Guria has an innovative witness protection programme as none is offered by the state and victims and their families are at high risk of attack.

Livelihood Support

​Poverty is a root cause of human trafficking and exploitation and Guria recognises that no one can be 'rescued' without alternative livelihood options. Guria operates an innovative 'Goat Bank' providing vulnerable families with sustanance and an income through distributing goats. Guria support victims and potential victims with livelihood options such as jewlery making, farming

Bedia Community

Guria have continued to maintain a close relationship with the Bedia community resident in Madhya Pradesh. Within the Bedia villages a practice of ‘family based prostitution’ is embedded in the tradition and culture of the Bedia caste. Guria director, Ajeet Singh, and other Guria members, spent time living with and fully understanding this community in order to tackle such a complex issue.

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