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Guria are a grassroots frontline charity who dedicate all their time and resources to fighting human trafficking and protecting the vulnerable women and children involved.  As such they have little time for fundraising.  If you are able to help with a donation or if you would like to help fundraise please visit Guria UK's Just Giving Page here


Any dontaions are extremely helpful, especially regular donations which offer a steady reliable income for Guria's urgent work.

Your Support


Uttar Pradesh is one of the poorest parts of the world where even a small amount of money can make a difference.

As little as £5 will support one child to attend Guria's Non Formal Education (NFE) centre for one month and £10 will pay for all the school books needed by a child to attend a mainstream school.

£35 will pay for one community worker to support all the children with play and learning or £60 will pay for one local teacher to enable children to gain an education at the NFE centre for one month.





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